The Bahamas are also known as the Common wealth of Bahamas. The capital of Bahamas is Nassau which is located on the island of New Providence. Though not previously, in 1973, the Bahamas became an independent Commonwealth realm and is currently under Queen Elizabeth II. The economy which is based on tourism and finance, Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americas.

Major Attractions:

  • Atlantis Paradise Islands- This 141 acre aqua venture has got more than 20 swimming areas, and a long Lazy River Ride. You can drive your way to the Casino Drive in Paradise Island.
  • Nassau- Nassau has been one of the most popular cruise ship ports in the Caribbean. Apart from just cruising get along the shops, restaurants, museums and candy color colonial buildings.
  • Harbor Island- Eleuthera is often referred to as Harbor Island’s elder sister. These islands are famous for its pink sand beaches and stylish and cool resorts.


  • Bell Channel Inn- For over three generations as of now, this hotel has been able to keep their guests welcomed. Multilingual staff, outdoor pool, restaurant and other classy amenities are all available.
  • Flamingo Bay Hotel and Marina- Enjoy your stay here with the largest pool in island, beach and their business center. The hotel provides you with a tennis court, restaurant, lounge, etc.


  • Banana Bay- Enjoy Caribbean, or seafood in this lovely place at Freeport in Grand Bahama Island.
  • Zorba’s Greek Restaurant- Located in the Great Bahama Island, gets to taste Bahamian, Mediterranean and Greek dishes here.


  • Conch- a sea snail with white meat and are made in to fritters.
  • Guava Duff- a staple dessert, in which guava jam is spread on dough and made in spirals.

Travel Info:

The best time to visit the Bahamas is from mid-December to mid-April. Numerous flights are available to fly in the Bahamas via Florida. Get around the taxis, public transport or buses.