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We are pleased to announce and present the grand opening of Grand Hyatt Baha'i Mar, the world's first leading luxury resort in the Bahamas. This spectacular luxury hotel, celebrating the ocean, culture and spirit of the Bahamas, is located on the picturesque islands of New Providence and Nassau.

The beautiful waters around these islands have provided the inhabitants of the Bahamas with an abundance of fresh seafood and shellfish for generations. The Bahamas are blessed with beautiful beaches and coves that provide the perfect backdrop for the seafood that is equally exquisite. If the tropical sun, billowing palm trees and stunning beaches of New Providence and Nassau don't entice you to visit the incredible islands and paradise of the Bahamas, nothing will.

The Bahamas is never ordinary, so prepare your palate for some of the best seafood chefs and chefs in the world, because the dishes of the Bahamas have never been ordinary.

One of the most popular preparations is ceviche, which is mostly undercooked and is the national dish of the Bahamas. Conch can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as as as a salad, as an appetizer, as a side dish or even as a fruit called a "conch salad." Similar to ceviche in Latin American countries, the conching salad prepared for the Bahamians is reduced to its raw, cheapest form. Like any other chef, you'd expect the freshest conch salad to be like a con chiche. It is often served with a mixture of vegetables and even fruit, called "conch salads."

Most restaurants specialize in making them to order, but some offer a variety of options, such as mussel fries and crackers, which we recommend.

If you are a lobster fan, you will love the Caribbean lobster, which is cooked in various ways in the Bahamas. Common items you will find on your plate are prawns, crabs, shrimp and crab cake, and lobster rolls. Many of these dishes include a variety of seafood, such as macaroni and cheese, lobster rolls and lobster mac & cheese.

You probably won't get enough of it if you try it once, but like most other dishes, it's the Caribbean twist that sets it apart from the usual crabs in this area. Grouper is a popular fish in the Bahamas, and with it, the locals make some amazing dishes that come with grains.

Each dish has a restaurant that is specifically designed for perfection, and to sample some of the best fresh seafood in town, check out our guide to the top 10 seafood restaurants in the Bahamas. Consider visiting one of our favorite restaurants in the area, such as the Bahamian Seafood Bar, or the local restaurant chain, the Baha'i Food & Wine Festival.

Most locals and visitors will have heard of the Bahamas Rum Cake Factory in Nassau, which also makes the traditional bunched cake. Get your rum cake from them or order it from the local baker, but the official rum cakes in the Bahamas are in the making and bear the signature "Ole'Nassau" or "Baha'i" Bah amian rum.

Rum is the national drink of the Bahamas, so it's no surprise that rum cakes are ubiquitous in restaurants there. As we all know, Bahamas has a long history with rum, but we can borrow our best rum from Jamaica permanently in the Bahamas. So it is no wonder that the popular fruity "Caribbean cocktail" on Caribbean cruises is a firm size. It is a rum that contains the Goombay Smash, which combines rum with pineapple juice and coconut.

This traditional local delicacy is mandatory at all times in the Bahamas and is often considered the best food in the Bahamas. It is baked and offered in restaurants and we recommend you to visit the highly recommended Tru Bahamian Food Tour. There is no question that you have to eat the "Tru Bahaman" in one of the many restaurants on the island, especially on cruises and cruise ships.

Our guide, Captain Ron, explained everything you need to know about mussels, a famous fish favorite in the Bahamas. During our trip, this introduction inspired us to know the many different ways of preparing and serving conches in the Bahamas, such as in restaurants, hotels and even on cruise ships.

One of the most elegant things you can find on almost every menu in the Bahamas is the local lobster. Rock lobster is one of the main dishes of Bahamas, often accompanied by an island - a sauce made from coconut butter, citrus and fruit. There are elements of Bahamasian cuisine that are similar to Caribbean cuisine, and some that are only found on the islands themselves.

The Bahamian culture, pronounced conk, is considered a national dish of the Bahamas and occupies a large place in it. It is an integral part of its culture and is baked in many different dishes such as biscuits, cakes, bread, cakes, pastries and desserts.

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