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I recently spent 4 days at Baha Mar Resort in Nassau and had the time of my life. Close to the beautiful Cable Beach of Nassua, this luxury resort complex offers everything you need for an unforgettable and dreamlike vacation in the Bahamas. One of the main attractions is the Bahama Mar Hotel & Casino, the largest casino in the Caribbean. The resort is home to one of the largest hotels in America and the second largest hotel chain, and features an 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, as well as a golf club and spa.

I visited the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar on my honeymoon because the room rates were cheaper and I never felt disadvantaged not to have access to the SLS property. Unlike the World Hyatts hotels I stayed at, they have excellent customer service and hospitality. While the pool seems more relaxed and quiet, you can invest a little more if you don't invest in water parks and slides. I enjoyed my stay at the GrandHyatt Baha mar because it was cheaper than the S LS and because the service, food and amenities were excellent.

The SLS Baha Mar is the largest resort on New Providence Island and employs a lot of people, but every single staff member at the hotel was really friendly. The two are separate hotels, and the S LS is more of a luxury hotel, so I was here And it's a separate hotel from the Grand Hyatt.

Guests can explore the tropical metropolis of Nassau by visiting the Grand Hyatt Bahamas Baha'i Resort and Spa, located just metres from the hotel. The interconnecting hotels share common amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness centre and spa, as well as indoor and outdoor pools. Nearby there are a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, restaurants and other amenities. Guests can also travel a few miles to visit popular attractions such as the New Providence Convention Center, the Nassau Museum of Natural History and the National Park Service.

If you want really good (and really good value) food, you can head to downtown Nassau for lunch or dinner at the Grand Hyatt Bahamas Baha'i Hotel.

Snacks are available at the café and café, or guests can enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants that Grand Hyatt Baha'i Mars serves. Spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying the views from the rooftop pool, the spa, the fitness centre and the spa facilities.

Staying at Grand Hyatt Baha'i Mar Nassau means you can be part of the community and a member of one of the many non-profit organizations. If you stay at Bahamas Mar Casino and Hotel in Nassausa or if you stay at Grand Hotel at Grandhyatt baha'i Mars, the hotel offers a variety of events and events.

The Grand Hyatt Baha'i Mar is really huge and we recommend that you get a resort plan from reception before checking in. The tower is connected by a tower to the other two brand hotels and the resort includes a restaurant, bar, wellness centre, hotel room, fitness centre and much more. We were lucky enough to have our guests check in on the first day of their stay at the hotel, so we recommended that they pick up their resort cards at our reception before checking in!

With over 1,800 guest rooms, the Grand Hyatt offers all groups convenient options, including a spa, fitness, fitness, fitness, swimming pool, spa and fitness center, and even a fitness center.

Daiquiri Hut is not located on the Baha'i Mar site, but is within a 5 minute walk or less. Hotspots include the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the hotel restaurant and bar, as well as the spa and fitness centre and pool.

As a travel agent who visited the resort last year, she was unique in that she did not include a beach in her list but did offer a view of her main pool. We said yes in sandals, which we loved as a destination for our wedding, as it only took us three days to get our license in the Bahamas.

One of the things we liked most about our stay at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar was the proximity to the beach and the fantastic views. I wish we had stayed here all the time, but I can tell you with both hands that the Bahamas Mar Resort is our favorite. My mother had a great time with us and eventually made us come back in the future.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is a category 5 hotel located in the heart of the Bahamas, just minutes from Grand Bahama Beach. The hotel offers an all-inclusive experience, including an exclusive marina where guests can enjoy boat trips, fishing and diving. We booked a night for my mum and me with 100,000 World Hyatts points and this was part of our all-inclusive rates. Eligible Travel Purchases include all travel purchases made through American Express and registered on our card, which includes all hotel prepaid hotels and all other travel options.

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