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Located on picturesque Seven Mile Beach, this Category 7 hotel features a full-service spa, fitness centre, restaurant, bar and spa. Marriott is redefining the luxury day spa experience in Florida with the largest and most luxurious spa in the world in the Caribbean.

Barbados is popular in the Caribbean leisure market, and Marriott has one of the finest beach recreational properties on the island of Barbados. Marriott has not acted in this beautiful part of the world before, but they have a long-term relationship with the local tourism industry and the tourism industry. The Marriott logo in red, white and blue, as well as the red logo, can be seen throughout the hotel, as well as the Marriott logo on the outside.

On Paradise Island there are two other properties that offer a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness center and golf course. The resort is located on the island of Barbados, just a short drive from the capital of St Kitts and Nevis. Dining plans are available for both Atlantis and the Paradise Islands and can be purchased at any of the four restaurants in the hotel and at the resort itself. Choose between two menus, one for breakfast or lunch or two for dinner, for a total of four meals.

My trip to the Bahamas in 2012 also led me to Sheraton Cable Beach, which has since been renamed Melia Cable Beach. I checked into Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman and saved $500 a night when I redeemed my Marriott points. Caribbean options are available before booking any of the 50 Marriott hotels in the region, should you wish to check them out. We'll show you where to stay at each of these hotels and save you up to 500% off per night when you redeem your Marriott points.

The hotel is operated by Marriott Hotels, and the organization says on its website that the movie re-films for AU $158 per night. Hotel owner John Kerzner, a former president of the Bahamas Limited Company, bought Paradise Island in 1994. His new resort, which includes Coral Towers and was previously built as a Beach Tower, officially opened in 1998. Bahamian company, which was founded by Marriott in 2005, as well as all its hotels and resorts in the region.

The Beach, Coral Towers and Atlantis are all category 7 hotels, so you will need 280,000 miles to purchase the package. If you're looking for the ultimate luxury on Paradise Island, Ocean Club Four Seasons Resort is also a bed hotel, but it's a category 6 hotel.

If you follow the protocol, you can move freely in the Bahamas, but you don't need a hotel anymore. Owners and guests of Harborside Resort and Atlantis can enjoy the endless amenities of Atlantis on Paradise Island.

There are also Choice Privileges Points available on the Comfort Suites property next to Atlantis, and you can also run and play in the pool and pool area of Harborside Resort and Atlantis. On Paradise Island, where most of the major resorts are located, indoor dining is allowed, although outdoor restaurants have been available for years, including Arawak Cay Fish Fry. Note: For more information, please note that you must refer to your Choice Privilege Points at your hotel, not the hotel itself.

Please let us know if you have booked a comfortable stay in the Atlantis Bahamas by simply using your Choice Privileges points. And / or You can choose between the Comfort Suites or the Harborside Resort. Guests can also book a free hotel room at one of our other hotels in the Bahamas. This post contains links to several hotel reviews I wrote about Atlantis Resort and the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group Convention in 2012. I was a guest at their convention and brought three nights in February 2012 to Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas, for the three-night convention in March 2012.

The location was only a little compromised but the hotel is still beautiful with a rooftop pool. After a disappointing stay at the Ritz-Carlton on the beach, I was desperate to visit the other luxury Marriott hotels in Cancun. At the Nassau Marriott, you can enjoy the Courtyard Kingston Jamaica, which offers great value for money.

The soothing Bahamian sun and the blinding warm sand on the white sandy beach are addictive. You can enjoy a white sandy beach while swimming in the pool and enjoying views of the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean or even the sea.

When staying at a Marriott hotel, you can earn Marriott points through its co-op program with Wyndham. You will receive a status that matches your Marriott Hilton Elite status, easily purchased with a credit card, matched with your credit card status through WyNDham, and then matched with Caesars Rewards. Marriott is also a Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner, which they have been embedding in their hotels for several years.

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